Big Picture and College

Big Picture Learning believes that all students should be afforded the opportunity to attend an institution of higher education if they so chose. By developing challenging individual learning plans, organizing student visits to colleges, educating families about the college application and financial aid processes, and building relationships with local colleges, Big Picture schools are cultivating our students’ readiness for the challenges of post-secondary education.

Many people wonder what colleges and universities will think of Proficiency-based Graduation Requirements (PBGRs). Our experience has shown that they are nothing but receptive, and our staff, guidance counselors and students work closely to ensure that student transcripts are strong representations of student work.

Colleges recognize and support Big Picture applicants! Below you can find letters of support from some of the local colleges that have seen our program in action.

University of Vermont (UVM)

Champlain College

Castleton College


Tim Wile, South Burlington High School guidance counselor, also has plenty to say about Big Picture students and their college prospects.

See the full interview with South Burlington High School guidance counselor Tim Wile talking about Big Picture and college:

Big Picture Schools expose students to the variety of professional, academic, and social paths available after high school, and plan students’ academic course in order to maximize students’ post-high school opportunities. Big Picture students leave here uniquely prepared to take on any post-secondary options they choose.