Big Picture South Burlington

Big Picture South Burlington (BPSB) is a proficiency-based school within SBHS that supports student learning through hands-on, student directed opportunities. The program is interest-based, individualized, and seeks to engage and motivate students through independent learning & student driven curriculum. Students learn to work independently while simultaneously connecting within a community. This program is part of the national Big Picture Learning Network of schools built around the Big Picture Learning Model.

Students collaborate with faculty to design their own individualized curriculum based on their passions, skills, and goals.

Students learn through:

  • Internships
  • Independent projects
  • Skill-building workshops
  • Service learning & travel
  • Traditional South Burlington High School classes
  • Dual Enrollment in College Courses

New students in the program receive additional support from the scaffolded advisory structure of BP 101, before moving into the more independent BP 201 advisory. Every Big Picture student is required to take math courses in the traditional high school, and has the opportunity to take other classes in addition to Big Picture.

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