Learning Through Internship, or LTI, is a critical element of Big Picture, and tends to be our students’ favorite aspect.

Students who have demonstrated that they are ready to take on an independent internship commit two full days each week to interning at a business or organization of their choosing. Over the course of a term, students will accrue over 80 hours in the field.

Big Picture staff work closely with mentors at each site to ensure a positive experience for both the student and the hosts. Through these experiences, students develop knowledge of a professional field, appropriate work-place skills and behaviors, professional connections, and a sense of what it takes to be successful in a career.

Big Picture students have interned at over 80 different sites, and we are very fortunate to have such a broad network of supportive community partners. Interested in TV or film making? Check out RETN or VCAM. Want to work in a medical lab? We have had a student intern at the pulmonary lab at the University of Vermont. How about graphic design? Whatever your interest may be, we will find a good match.