The Big Picture Learning Model

Big Picture Learning is a non-profit organization that was established in 1995 to “educate the nation– one student at a time”. There are over 80 schools world-wide that use the Big Picture model to connect students to community and life after high school.

Big Picture Learning School Distinguishers

Big Picture Learning schools are unique environments where students can flourish as individuals within a community of learners. There are many elements within our learning design that are uncommon and distinct, and set Big Picture schools apart from most schools. We call these common characteristics ‘distinguishers’, as they distinguish the Big Picture Learning design from other learning designs or models.

Big Picture Learning’s School Distinguishers, listed below, exist as a comprehensive whole. They are interrelated and inform one another – none work in isolation. It is the seamless integration of reflection-based action and the distinguishers that result in the powerful success of the Big Picture Learning design.

The Ten Distinguishers are:

  1. Learning In the Real World: LTI
  2. One Student At A Time: Personalization
  3. Authentic Assessment
  4. School Organization
  5. Advisory Structure
  6. School Culture
  7. Leadership
  8. Parent/Family Engagement: Adult Support
  9. School/College Partnership: College Preparation and Support
  10. Professional DevelopmentSee more at:

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